What is CryptoCurrency & Why do we accept it?

We now accept Dogecoin, Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum!


Crypto Currency (Monero, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc) is essentially a digitally encrypted store of value. As you may have noticed lately, the price fluctuates significantly, some charge high transaction costs and some are brand new. Probably most of what you read about is “Bitcoin as an investment”, but at it’s core, this isn’t what Crypto Currency is supposed to represent.

For most of the internet age, credit cards have been the way to conduct business. Paypal helped to make this easier, allowing small businesses to get basic credit card acceptance, albeit with very high fees. The hidden issue not many are aware of is that, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard et al have strict terms of service, that they change all the time. Sometimes, they may “at will” just close access to an organizations ability to accept payments. This happened with Wikileaks, where every card processor refused to process transactions for them. Whether you like or dislike Wikileaks, this is a bit worrisome for all of us, if the political winds shift and something you do that is acceptable today is suddenly seen as not ‘illegal’ but just ‘not making the powers that be happy’, the major payment processors seem to be very responsive to taking arbitrary action against you. One day this could include you attending a political rally, being identified there, and your bank account frozen as a form of punishment for speaking out against a government.

In that regard, Crypto Currency lets you be your own bank. You store your value in an encrypted ledger only you have the password to, and you are free to choose to send any value to anyone else (given they have a digital wallet, which are getting easier and easier to do).

Where we stand in regards to Crypto is that we want to remove the middle man between you and us. When you pay us in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DogeCoin, LiteCoin, Monero or Ethereum, there is no bank in between arbitrating if it’s “ok”. Not that we sell anything illegal, we don’t, it’s that we want to promote this technology on the wider web. We want to see Crypto used for real world commerce. In turn, we are lobbying our suppliers to accept Crypto currency to pay for our overheads, really working to create a sustainable ecosystem instead of just the “hot speculative of the now”.


So for the foreseeable future, Congrevape will offer a 25% discount on your entire order when purchasing using Crypto Currency.

We’ve always been fans of new technology, and want to do our part in building a better web and a better world, where people are fully independent, either from addiction to cigarettes or controlled by their banks.