What is Congrevape?

Congrevape is a place for people passionate about vaping.

Realize your Dream

Buy the Coolest Vaping Gear Now

Want the newest Box Mod? The greatest lanyard ever? A killer Doge RDA? Before anyone else?

Using Community Commerce, designers can launch and fund new products quickly and easily, giving first preference to excited new customers first. As a customer, you are first to get the newest in Vaping technology, from mods to atomizers, and the best new juices.

Feed the Crowd

Give the people what they want.

Find excited people, and make a solution. You know what your friends want, and you know what the world needs. If you have the best idea, put it to the market to decide.

Create your Idea

Create something Special

Your ideas are your own intellectual property. Keep it that way. Design it, and we will help you get it to market. Inventors innovate faster with Congrevape.

[6:39] Raise money for your Idea

Congrevape is your partner in raising money for your great idea. We handle all credit card and billing issues, so you don’t have to fly under the radar. We manufacture your dream, and you kick back and get paid.

Supporters get to support the projects they love. A project only gets made if it reaches it’s goal so its important to help raise awareness for a project that you love.

Get it Shipped

You’ve got Mail!

Congrevape can also take the Stress out of distribution. Our experienced logistics team can receive your bulk shipment of product inside the United States, break it down, pack and ship it tracked to our customers. That means you only need to focus on designing.