Congrevape is looking to host the best and brightest Resident Modders.

What is a Resident Modder? 

As a Congrevape RM you will be financed by us to design your very best products, either at home or in our California studios. Utilize the very latest in prototyping equipment, testing and production. After prototyping we’ll open doors to production houses for you. You will also get to use our Global sales network to move your dream machine to every corner of the earth.

How long is a Residency with Congrevape?

Typically you will be with us for a minimum of 1 year. Once we review your application, we may agree on different terms, depending on your skill, how we work together, etc. 

Do I get paid?

Yes, as a Congrevape RM you will be salaried for your time spent in the R&D process, as well as profit sharing on every unit shipped.


Fill out this short application to get started and take your career to the next level with a Residency with Congrevape.