Doge Pup Pup 16mm Ceramic Squonking RDA


This is our first project from our new Let's Draw series.

This RDA is designed to be a flavor chasers dream RDA, with a small and compact chamber, built for squonking pure flavor.

The Deck will be 24k Gold Plated, with two small clamp posts to fit flat or round wire easily.

The squonking feed will come directly up through the center pin.

Airflow is controlled by twisting the entire cap over the RDA deck.

By using all ceramic for the top cap, heat will be reduced to a minimum, while maximizing the flavor.

A durable Japanese Peek insulator will be used to isolate the positive post.

We need your help for this project

This project is 100% Community Sourced, from the design to the name. Small flavor RDA's are a niche market, so we need your help to get the word out, we're counting on you guys to make this community project a success.


We ship world wide now. When you back this project, it will go into the normal shopping cart, where your shipping cost will be calculated. You can also add on other items or multiple pledges and check out all at once.



Project Risks

There is a minimum setup cost of a few thousand dollars for the ceramic molds to make the top cap, if we do not meet this minimum goal, we cannot produce the device with the all ceramic cap.
If the project fails to meet it's funding goal, backers will be given a choice to either receive a refund in full or for us to proceed using a 306 Stainless top cap.
There may be a slight change to the air inlet ports, depending on how we can perfect the Ceramic casting process.

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