Project Guidelines

Quite simply what can and can’t go on Congrevape.

Congrevape is a crowdfunding platform for Vaping projects. Basically anything which makes vaping easier, cheaper, cooler or sexier – These are our guidelines:

  • Everything on Congrevape must be a project.

Any project must have a clear end, either a funding or a number of units target. A project will eventually be completed, and something will be produced as a result. This is not a place for regular ecommerce. However end of lines, store surplus stock or group buys may be submitted.

  • Every project must be to the benefit of fans of vaping.

Projects we like are either ones that make vaping a serious alternative or do something truly innovative. Mods, Tips, Holders, RDA’s are all game. Drugs and drug related projects are not allowed. Liquid nicotine and nicotine containing products are not allowed.