Doge V4 Ceramic Drip Tip 810

Doge V4 Ceramic Drip Tip 810


Doge V4 Drip Tip, made of Ceramic.

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810 Doge V4 Drip Tip replacement.

The tip is 12mm at it’s tightest flaring out to 18mm, which sites flush against the Doge V4 top cap base to create the seamless angle to curvature feature which distinguishes the V4 in it’s aesthetics from all other RDA’s.

The tip is made from a proprietary Ceramics blend, to deter heat transfer, but also resist material breakdown that would otherwise pollute the vapor stream if substituted for a plastic polymer.

The inside diameter of the tip is 9mm.

The tip is made out of Ceramic, so it does not get hot, or melt and vent plastic gases.

All other 810 devices with the o-ring machined into the device.

This is for a Quantity of 1 Drip tips.