DOGETANK uses Advanced Coil Tech in the form of the innovative 'HELYX' which is completely wireless, meaning that the coil can be made entirely out of Food Grade Corrosion Proof SAE 304 Steel, no harmful soldering required.


CVTipSys® is completely Ceramic tip that is the result of extensive research into materials science and mechanical engineering. Heat resistant compared to dangerous Steel tips and doesn't break down to Formaldehyde unlike Delrin tips. Ceramic is the future of Vaping, Now


Clones are poorly built using potentially dangerous materials and have been known to harm users. Visible on the side of each DOGETANK box will be a Certivape security sticker. allows customer verify the authenticity of their product, as well as manage warranty service, RMA claims, and access to exclusive forums for help and assistance with their product. If you receive Dogetank without a Certivape security label, please let us know immediately.


No company can ever provide a completely risk free environment, but a major tenant of Congrevape designed products, is that we research the best possible & ethically sourced materials to use, such as using certified C110 copper to reduce exposure to lead, Corrosion Proof SAE 304 Steel and food grade Gold to ensure your safety - you can vape knowing we’ve got your back.


Our Engineers consider safety an important aspect of the entire supply chain, from the materials used in the design process, though the cleanliness of the production centres, to the final finish and packaging of the device (each box is plastic sealed from the factory for safety & hygiene). We take human rights seriously and ensure a safe work environment for all our employees.