Our Newest RDA – DOGE Vol4

Our 4th edition, putting to work our 4 years of experience designing and manufacturing, this is our best RDA yet. Stunning Finishes, 24k Gold Decks, Squonk or not. The options are immense.


John's Deck

John's deck design builds off the strengths of the previous Doge deck's, with a number of improvements. A very deep juice well ensures lots of liquid capacity. 4 Equally sized post holes comfortably accommodate round, flat or specialty wires. The fasteners use a reduced head for deck to cap clearance, but with slotted torque interfaces making them less prone to failure than an allen key. The entire deck is 24k Gold Plated. The center post also features a squonk port, so that the squonking pin can be used or disabled, depending on the pin inserted.

James' Deck

James' deck is a radical new design, made for low profile and large width wire builds. Utilizing two clamps and 4 fasteners. The build space is maximized, allowing for a huge variety and style of builds, large single coil, dual coils, placed high or low. The Clamps feature internal springs, making lead termination a breeze by keeping the clamp up when you need it, and being fastened down when it is time to compress the leads. The deck has a centrally placed center pin, with a Squonking pin pre-installed. This pin can also be removed and swapped with the 4 post deck to use the deck without the squonking feature enabled.

Ceramic Tip

The Doge V4 Features our all new oblique Ceramic Drip tip. We've standardized the tip to the 810 format, so that it fits many other popular devices, or you can use your favorite aftermarket drip tip. The black Ceramic tip is easy to remove, with an internal o-ring machined into the top cap. The Ceramic is extremely heat resistant, while not producing by products associated with heating plastics such as delrin or Ultem.

The tip starts at a flush 18mm with the top cap, making for a seamless curve with the top cap's louvre. The tip is polished to a mirror like finish sweeping up 10mm to a 13.5mm diameter, providing a mouth feel of unparalleled comfort and elegance.

The Top Cap

The Doge V4's top cap is the culmination of our 4 years of experience designing RDA's. With a chambered upper section to focus flavor. The Cyclops airflow holes are laser cut, at an upwards angle to reduce noise while being drawn upon. The airflow control uses fewer walls, which reduce turbulence and increase airspeed. An air injection hole at the top rounds out the air flow dynamics to increase density and cool very hot builds. The Doge V4 is dual intake only.

Quick Features

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Two Gold Plated Decks
  • Wide Ceramic 810 High-Polish Tip
  • Quiet Cyclops Airflow holes
  • Improved Genius DOGE Airflow
  • Simple yet precise Dual Airflow Control
  • 4 Post Deck with low profile hardware
  • Dual Clamp Deck for Fat Wires
  • Highest Specification PEEK Insulators
  • USA / UK Designed
  • Cyclops Air Injection
  • Squonkable on Both Decks

Quick Contents

  • 1x Doge V4 Top Cap
  • 1x Doge 24mm 4 Post Deck
  • 1x Doge 24mm 2 Clamp Deck
  • 1x Mirror Black Ceramic Tip
  • 4x Blue O-Rings
  • 4x Pink O-Rings
  • 4x Black O-Rings
  • Extra Screws
  • 1x Magic Blue Screwdriver


Doge v4 is available in a range of cool color schemes.

Just a hand full of reviews

Note: The reviewer mentions that James deck is single coil only, it can also be setup to be dual coil. Also, in the video the center post appears loose, this is because the reviewer was swapping the pins between the decks (one is a squonk pin, the other is not), and had just forgot to completely tighten down the contact pin.