DOGE V2 | Limited Edition Jack Cali’s | Hot Copper

DOGE V2 | Limited Edition Jack Cali’s | Hot Copper

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Limited Edition Jack Cali’s Hot Copper Doge V2 RDA by Congrevape, one of the most elegant, high performing and affordable rebuildable atomizer in the market. The version 2 consists of 3mm post holes, 1mm juice well, 14mm competition tip, plenty of replacement parts and of course gorgeous design.

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Authentic Limited Edition Jack Cali’s Hot Copper Doge V2 RDA by Congrevape! The new, sleek and monster cloud performance rebuildable atomizer!

Since the successful release of the DogeV1, Congrevape is back with version 2 that consists of new inventions and features.

The version 2 comes with the air injection cools vapour and increases expansion inside the tip. The competition tip is shortening for the perfect look on the RDA with the measurement at 14mm. The barrel is adjustable with 11mm and 2.5mm air intake slots. The post holes are massive that measured at 3mm compare to 1.8mm in the first version. The juice well is measured at 1mm lessen chances to get dry hits

With extra replacement parts with m3 screws in copper and stainless steel, you can customise the Doge V2 based on your preference. Additionally, these screws have deep flat head to prevent stripping.

The keyed center post comes with copper and stainless steel, both included in the package, will not spin. Also, it comes 5 times larger insulator to keep you safe from hard shorts.

For more convenience, each package will come great amount of multiple screws, O-rings, insulator and tools.

Doge V2 RDA by Congrevape Specification :

  • Air injection cools vapor and increases expansion inside the tip
  • 14mm Competition tip
  • 11mm x 2.5mm air intake slots barrel (adjustable)
  • Single airflow cap
  • 3mm post holes
  • Large deep flat head
  • 1mm deeper juice well
  • Peek insulator
  • Engraved Logo (Doge with the Peace Sign in Version 2)

Package includes:

  • Doge V2 RDA by Congrevape
  • Multiple Screws
  • O-Rings
  • Insulator
  • Tools

Note: When it comes to using RDA, we are strongly recommended to wash and clean all the atomizers thoroughly and carefully. Likewise, please have a great sense of knowledge when it comes to handling and using these products. This product is for experienced users.


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