CATE (Heavy Breathing Catemizer) | RDA by Congrevape | Stainless Steel

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* 30mm OD RDA
* Black Ceramic High Polish tip
* Cate Scratch Airflow
* Peek Insulators
* 3 Post design with 4mm Post holes
* All copper and SS hardware included
* Watch Face top cap design
* Copper Contact Pin to the RDA

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Cate attempted to defeat Doge using his Patriot back in 2014. He had drilled it out, and wrapped his best new styled Micro-coil. Alas, he was defeated when doge came with his V1 Competition RDA. Many cooling fins and a wide airflow made quick work of Cate sending him home, crying tiny fat kitty tears.

Frustrated with his defeat, Cate got to work. To defeat Doge he wouldn’t need any regular RDA. He would need an RDA that could pump clouds out at 12.8V and 500W. Delrin would melt. 22mm could never provide enough build space. A spinning stainless steel center post would be flimsy. Delrin insulators would suffer under the heat.

Cate went oldschool. Tasking John as his servant, he drafted up with pencil and paper a 30mm design that would finally defeat Doge.

But at the airflow, John became stuck. He didn’t know what to do, how could you create an AFC that was better than the Doge?!?

Frustrated, Cate jumped onto John’s drafting paper and Scratched the paper. And then it was done… Doge Could be Defeated.

* 30mm OD RDA
* Black Ceramic High Polish tip
* Cate Scratch Airflow
* Peek Insulators
* 3 Post design with 4mm Post holes
* All copper and SS hardware included
* Watch Face top cap design
* Copper Contact Pin to the RDA

About the Design Concepts
The Ceramic tip is an industry first for an RDA. It protects your lips from heat, while remaining non toxic and not melting under high heat. The inside diameter of the tip is 14mm, using our new CV Tip system. This moves the o-ring from the Tip to the RDA, allowing for a wider inside diameter of the tip because a Chamfer does not need to be cut into the tip. The specifications for this Tip have been open-sourced and will be distributed to every tip manufacture.

The Cate Scratch Air flow is a new style of airflow to take the benefits of bottom fed airflow, without creating an overly leaky RDA. In the thinner section of the Cate Scratch, air speed is high, while in the wider part of the Cate scratch, air speed slows down. By angling the coils lined up with the air flow, a larger slower pocket of air will be sucked in under the coil, and the higher speed pocket will pull it up and over the coil.

We looked at a lot of larger size RDA’s and one of the biggest faults we noticed was too many posts, making it so that you could only build coils the same size that you would fit into a 22mm RDA. The Heavy Breathing Catemizer was designed with high output box mods in mind. To make the most out of these extreme high output devices you need large coils and lots of airflow. To accomplish this, we designed the Catemizer to use lots of large diameter wire, and a build deck to accommodate large diameter and long coils.

Has Doge Finally Met his Match?



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