The Dogecorn is here!

So we’re excited that our Dogecorn is finally here in the warehouse and ready to go!  We haven’t done any pre-orders on these, so this is your chance to get them into your pipeline. The Dogecorn is designed to be the best value mechanical mod ever made, with a retail of $65-$80. Each one is Sterling Silver Plated or 24k Gold plated, making it the hardest hitting mod available, especially at that price. With a generous margin for Shops, we are striving to put product into the industry that more people can afford, while taking care of your bottom line.

The Dogecorn comes with: the mod itself, a matching barrel with the Dogecorn logo on it, and FOR THE FIRST 1,000 UNITS a matching high polish SS top cap. This means for the pricing listed below, all that your customer would need is a deck to get the mod firing!

Head over to to place an order for you Shop now!

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