Start your Product

Congrevape helps you to launch your Vaping product.

Easily manage hundreds to tens of thousands of new orders from customers, in one easy platform.  Customers clearly see the funding goal, and are encouraged to share with friends to help reach it, to buy the products they are excited about and believe in.

Congrevape’s credit card processor handles all new orders for you, without fear of retribution.  When your project is finished, your customers are charged into one pool of money, and that is transferred to you.

Congrevape acts as your Manufacturing and Supply Chain Manager. We make your idea a reality

Congrevape has years of experience in Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Engineering experience inside our staff. With deep backgrounds from Defense to Architectural electronics, we have the know how to make your idea a reality. We offer two levels of partnership.


Let’s Get Started!

Concepts / Plans

I've got a napkin sketch, but its incredible.

Ready to Deliver
Drafted / Designed

I've got a .stl and a plan to rule the world.


Ideas: Do you have an idea for a product? Just a napkin sketch but not anything else? Don’t know how to use 3D design software? Thats ok. You can partner with us to pitch us your idea. If we take it, we will fulfill the design, get it manufactured and we’ll pay you a percentage of the sales.

Ready to Deliver: If you have your product completely designed in 3D software and prototyped, we can help you go to market quickly. From finding initial manufacturing funding, to finding the right factories to produce your parts, low cost and high quality, we are the experienced partner you have been looking for every step of the way.