Plain Policy

Our Plain Policy is simple.

Congrevape does not store your credit card, we offload that to a third party payment processor, that is certified as Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. Learn more

Congrevape may put cookies onto your browser to see if you’ve done something like submit a form twice. None of Congrevape’s cookies are in place to track you when you leave our site. Facebook’s like button is the only exception, but you have that cookie because of a prior visit to

Congrevape is an aggregate for payments to designers.  As such, Congrevape cannot assume liability for shortcomings on the Designers ability to fulfill.  Congrevape will always act in good faith to make sure Designers ship products on the timeline they have layed out.

For Project Creators, Congrevape takes a percentage of your sale, between 5% and 11% to cover costs incurred by performing various services.  These costs are always paid by sellers, backers only pay for stated project products and delivery. Congrevape is free to join and always will be.