Payments Currently down, soon to be up.

It seems finding a processor that is easy to use for a team of energetic fast moving programmers is harder than we thought.

Most every easy to integrate service has regulated ecigs, including our choice, WePay, though they continue to host over 1000 electronic cigarette shops on their hosted solution. (Just like this one)

WePay removed that store as well once we linked to it, so hear is a google boolean index of their site, with ALL of those store.  If I can do it, WePay can do it.  Seems like someone has egg on their face.

Every Ecig Shop hosted by WePay

This tells us that we were not stopped by accident, but more than likely targeted from an outside party.  We think probably big tobacco, and here’s why.

More than a groupbuy tool, Congrevape is the energy and innovation of a new generation.  It is 2013, it is the future.  You no longer have to light a cigarette.  For us, this is on par with finally getting our hoverboards.


Meanwhile, tobacco firms are pouring hundreds of millions into the development of E-Cigs, soon to be regulated, with the tobacco companies writing the regulations.  They can’t ban ecigs now, or they hurt themselves, so the thing to do is to lobby CC processors to slow down true innovation in this industry.

 Blu Bought for allot of money.

We created Congrevape to be a movement of the next generation.  To advance technology in E-Cigs quickly and elegantly.  We are completely committed to this goal.  In the first week of our launch, we had an amazing show of support.  We have 6 more projects that want to go up, but we’re fixing the gateway first.

So, here is the battle plan.

1. Funds that were already pledged are 100% safe.  If anything happens, we can easily reverse the funds.  We still have full control from the gateway side of WePay, and they have agreed to let us administer the funds (just not take new payments).  If you’d like to leave an existing commitment, please email us, and we’ll fix it right up for you.

2. Build a bulletproof gateway. We are in process of development as we speak, and want to shoot for friday for the relaunch.  This is a bit heavier duty than other payments mechanisms, but in the end, we’ll have bulletproof relationships, that no amount of lobbying can stop.

3. Extend existing projects.  Our two first launched projects have been quite hampered compared to checkout analytics data vs our CC issues.  We are extending both campaigns out to fix this right now.

4.  All of us at Congrevape want to THANK YOU for your support.  We were really blown away.  We were leaked to reddit about 3 weeks earlier than planned, and have been running around behind the scenes just to keep up.  These kinds of hiccups come with launching a planet sized idea.

We strive to be different.  We want to reduce harm in peoples lives.  We believe in the free exchange of ideas and goods.  We are Congrevape, and we are here to stay.