“the best tools are those that lend themselves to uses not anticipated by the creator”

We want to be an open marketplace.  We want to drive innovation and passion.  We’ve had a great kick off, and sucessfully launched a new Juice Line.  The biggest thing we want to see though is people finding new and exciting uses for the platform.  The guys over at QVapes came to us to get their Atomizer Ohm Meters sold recently, and They’ve hit over 200% funding in just a little less than 48 hours.

What really excites us, is the makers.  The people who dream big, and build bigger.  So we are offering a 0% offer for designers for the next 30 days.

If you have a *New* design you have not put into production yet, and would like to launch it on Congrevape, we’ll let you use the platform just for the expenses of the payment processing.

Supporting innovation is the reason why we started Congrevape, and we want to support you in that goal.